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Mon 22 Sep 2014

Part Time Classes

The part-time school offers classes on Thursday evenings and SaturdaysClasses are usually 50 minutes in length and are generally divided into age groups: 4 - 6 years (primary classes), 7 – 10 years, 11 – 13 years and 14 - 18 years. Primary drama & singing classes are shorter in length. Primary dance classes are 45 minutes in length, drama classes are 25 minutes in length and singing classes are 30 minutes in length.

Our part-time school teachers are from our full-time school or are teachers who have been actively involved in, or currently are involved in, professional performance. The emphasis of our classes is on vocational development with good training. We aim to build confidence and communication skills and the atmosphere of the school is friendly, informal and very busy.

We do not present productions or take exams. However parents are invited to visit classes towards the end of term.

Click here to view our class timetables and term dates

Some dance classes are graded in ability - these classes are marked 'Selected'. Unfortunately new students cannot apply for these classes until they have been assessed and invited to join. 

Drama:Drama classes are based on improvisation and general stagecraft. These lessons develop acting skills through devising scenes and creating characters. Some script work will be introduced. There are also specific scripted classes for older students.
Singing:Singing classes aim to develop technique and repertoire and cover both popular music of the moment and musical theatre.
Street Dance:Street Dance classes are based on high energy movements and combinations to the latest hip hop, pop music.
Jazz/Funky Jazz:Classes offer a mix of traditional style of jazz dance for stage with street style routines. These classes aim to develop style, technique and performance skills.
Tap (only on Saturdays):Tap classes cover all areas from beginners to advanced tap. Classes aim to develop students rhythm, accent accuracy, style and technique,
Primary Dance:Primary classes offer a combination of Jazz Dance and Tap. New students must select class A.


    Contact Us

    Sylvia Young Theatre School
    1 Nutford Place
    W1H 5YZ

    Full Time School - 0207 258 2330
    Part Time School - 0207 723 8543
    Click here to email us.