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Wed 17 Sep 2014

Sylvia Young Agency

The Sylvia Young Agency represents child actors aged between 4-16 years old. The agency is open

to both SYTS students and non students. It specialises in Film, TV, Theatre and Radio Drama as well

as commercials and voice over work.

Attending part time classes at The Sylvia Young Theatre School does not automatically guarantee a

place with the agency. Unfortunately the agency is very heavily subscribed and each year we have to

turn away talented children purely because we already represent a substantial quota of children that

fall into that particular casting category. A lot of agencies 'close their books' which means they are

not willing to meet any new people, regardless of talent and ability, as they do not have any places

available within their agency. We are always happy to see children that attend classes at the school

but realistically it will be a very small amount that will ultimately be offered

representation by the agency.

As an agency we are given casting 'breakdowns' detailing exact requirements of ability and talents,

physical type (particularly if they are casting a family), sometimes height restrictions, and a clear

character synopsis for the role they are casting and they will hope to match as near as possible with

someone who naturally resembles that character. We represent a substantial amount of children that

can fall into any requested casting category so we are looking for children that are at least as good

as those we already look after or can offer that indescribable something different to those we already


Children that look young for their age have an advantage as casting directors would rather work with

a 12 year old, who can pass for 9, but who can take direction and generally have a higher level of

understanding, focus and maturity than a younger child. 

It is extremely unlikely we will offer representation to anyone who looks 14 years of age or older.

The reasons being, obviously primarily we are already well covered in the top end of our age limit as

we have children that have been with us from 4 years old and others being added to that age group

every year. Also there are fewer opportunities for older children. The main reason being that to

work professionally as a child you need to be licenced, chaperoned, tutored, you need to have

regular breaks and are limited to the number of hours you can be 'on set'. Once over 16 you are

considered an adult therefore you do not need to abide by any of the former regulations, and can

work longer hours. Understandably casting directors will always select an over 16 to play down to

14, as opposed to choosing a child of 14 that will also have the burden of GCSEs looming!

Please remember that we are looking for confident children and we can only make our decision

based on how the children conduct themselves in an audition situation. No matter how fantastic they

are in class with a teacher they know directing them, or how great they are at home performing for

parents ... if nerves get the better of them on the day this is all we have to go by! 

If, after reading this you would still like your child to meet the agency please collect a form from the

front desk when you are next attending SYTS classes and return it completed at your earliest


If your child does not attend classes at SYTS parents should email two recent snapshots of their

child, with a cover letter telling us a bit about them. We also need their date of birth, home address,

phone number and email address. We cannot consider applications without all of the above.

If your child has worked professionally please also include a CV.

Please send to: apply@sylviayoungagency.com

The agency will write to selected applicants to notify them of their audition date. Please note we

cannot see everyone that writes in to us as we are inundated with applications and with limited

places available.

The Agency generally hold workshop auditions quarterly at Nutford Place, however young actors with

considerable professional experience may be seen sooner by individual appointment, at the agency's


The agency can be contacted Monday to Friday 10- 5 on 020 7723 0037

Thank You


    Contact Us

    Sylvia Young Theatre School
    1 Nutford Place
    W1H 5YZ

    Full Time School - 0207 258 2330
    Part Time School - 0207 723 8543
    Click here to email us.