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Wed 17 Sep 2014

Adult Classes

In addition to our wide range of classes for children, we are also developing our classes for adults. We offer singing and drama classes for adults on Wednesday and drama only on Friday evenings

Click here to view our adult class timetable

Our adult classes are for all ages and abilities and are designed to help you develop your performing arts skills and confidence. 

Acting: Acting classes are based on improvisation and scripted sessions including general stagecraft and performance. Classes develop acting skills through devising scenes and creating characters.


Singing: Singing classes aim to develop vocal technique, performance and repertoire. Classes are for those who are experienced and for those of you completely new to singing. 

Click here to view our adult class timetable


    Contact Us

    Sylvia Young Theatre School
    1 Nutford Place
    W1H 5YZ

    Full Time School - 0207 258 2330
    Part Time School - 0207 723 8543
    Click here to email us.